Outdoor LED Fixtures: Not Just a Fad

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Why would anyone make the switch to outdoor LED fixtures? Traditional lights are wonderful options, but many homeowners are finding that LEDs are a better choice for their homes. LED lighting fixtures are substantially more energy efficient, longer lasting and provide outstanding, dependable light.

Increasing the energy efficiency of the average home has become something of a necessity due in part to the rising cost of power, as well as the desire that most consumers have to protect the environment. In addition to the lower carbon footprint left by LED lights, some experts suggest that LEDs use up to eighty-five percent less power consumption, which leads to great savings over time.

Outdoor lighting in Canada has always been something of a problem. The dramatic difference in temperatures between summer and winter has a tendency to shorten the burn times of most traditional light bulbs. LED lights are far more resistant to damage due to temperature fluctuations, which makes them an ideal option for outdoor lighting.

If you’re looking to add a little light to the exterior of your home, be sure to consider the use of outdoor LED fixtures. They aren’t just a trendy new fad, they’re true power savers able to handle anything the Canadian seasons can throw at them!
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There are an increasing number of homeowners making the switch to outdoor LED fixtures, and for good reason. These longer lasting and energy efficient options are virtually maintenance free and are incredibly durable. If it’s about time to upgrade the outdoor lighting around your home, it might be time to consider a permanent option that will keep your home looking its best for years to come.


One of the best parts of outdoor LED fixtures is that they pretty much take care of themselves. Most LEDs are designed to last no less than twenty-five-thousand hours. This is great for indoor lights, but it’s a dream feature for those with difficult to reach outdoor lighting. Most homeowners find that rain is all it takes to keep these lights looking their very best.




Traditional light bulbs are surprisingly fragile things. Even a strong gust of wind can be enough to shake loose the filament, which immediately results in the need for a bulb change. LED lights are far more durable. With no filament to get damaged and a higher resistance to temperature changes, outdoor LED fixtures are ideal for Canadian homes.


Outdoor LED fixtures are an option that shouldn’t be ignored by anyone looking to upgrade their current lighting. The ease of maintenance and durability make them perfect for the harsh and rapid season changes in Canada and will result in savings over time. Talk to a reputable lighting expert to find out how making the switch to LEDs will benefit you!

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